Simply show up with your race gear and helmet; We will take care of the rest. A special comfort and hospitality zone is provide to our customers during the race

Hiring with us not only gives you a chance to taste the latest, you can also be safe in the knowledge that a full professional team is on hand to get you from the start line to the finish line.

We are at the forefront of Homologated and builds in the US. We work with the best suppliers in the US to ensure the best results in all matters.


Racing with BajaForce provides you with a professional lay out including intelligent logistics, a modern service fleet plus highly skilled technicians and engineers.


We can also help you with sponsorship events loaning cars up-front to attend PR events etc. we can also help with extra genuine infrastructure for these events


We have exclusive road book and dune training programs to prepare you for the Races.

VIP Trip

Come with us to experience the race before you race it, so you can truly understand the scope of the event before you invest in racing it.


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