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Fox 4.4″ External Bypass Shocks


Fox’s diverse line of by-pass shocks include the entry level 2.0″ Piggy back, the patented 2.5″ Internal by-pass, the ever popular 2.5″, 3.0″, 3.5″ Piggy-backs, and the 4.4 – The industry’s largest bore production by-pass shock. These shocks are externally adjustable and position sensitive. By-pass allows you to specifically tune your shock in an exact travel sector using adjusters: blue handles compression, red controls rebound and gold is for the free bleed.

  • 4.4″ Diameter Race Proven Shocks
  • 1.250″ Shaft
  • Tunable and fully rebuildable
  • Industry’s largest bore production bypass shock
  • Available with Black Hardware and a Zinc or Hard Chrome finish
  • Hard Chrome finish subject to a 2-3 week delivery time

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Part # Type Travel Ext. Length (in) Col. Length (in) Shaft (in)
FOX-981-02-386 4-Tube External Bypass Piggy Back 12.0″ 35.00″ 23.00″ 1.250″
FOX-981-02-387 4-Tube External Bypass Piggy Back 14.0″ 39.00″ 25.00″ 1.250″
FOX-981-02-388 4-Tube External Bypass Piggy Back 16.0″ 44.00″ 28.00″ 1.250″
FOX-981-02-389 4-Tube External Bypass Piggy Back 18.0″ 48.00″ 30.00″ 1.250″

Installation Instructions Bypass Series Technical Manual


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